Inspiration of the day

Beach Day

Photography by Taghrid
Short Sleeve Button-Up & Swimsuit by American Apparel

I ended up working on location last Friday and got these amazing shots. I can never see myself working in a nine to five sort of situation, so dull. I think that's the best part of my job, it has a perfect blend of chaos and routine.


Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Photography by Taghrid

Fisherman Sweater & Shorts by American Apparel

Sunday Brunch

Pullover, Button-Up, & Belt by American Apparel, Pleated Pants by Ralph Lauren, Wristwatch by Casio, Loafers - Vintage

Even though my cold has been progressively getting worse I've had quite a busy/enjoyable weekend so far. Here's hoping to a successful week!


A Quiet Moment

Blazer - Vintage, Oxford Button-Up by American Apparel, Jeans by American Apparel, Dance Shoes by American Apparel, Watch - Casio

Back to the Basics

Denim-Button-Up, Thermochromatic T-shirt, Jeans, Bag, & Belt by American Apparel

Had a very relaxing Sunday doing absolutely nothing.


Sand Dunes

Cap, Hoody, Jeans & Towel by American Apparel

Lunch Break

Long Sleeve Denim Button-Up Shirt, Tennis Polo, Seersucker Short, & Belt by American Apparel, Watch by Casio

One of the most beautiful restaurants in Downtown Los Angeles, in my opinion.