Acne S/S '12 Picks

My favorite looks, in no particular order.

- Raphael

The Denim Campaign

Photography by Carl Lindstrom, Styling by me

This was definitely one of my favorite creative projects thus far.


Inspiration of the day

Feels like Fall

Coat by Ralph Lauren, Fisherman Pullover by American Apparel, Button-Up by Levi's, Jeans by American Apparel, 

The very first rainy day of fall in Los Angeles!

- Raphael

New Year/New Haircut

Button-Up Shirt by Goodwill, T-Shirt Bodysuit by Unknown, Eyewear by American Apparel

New haircut/New year.


Inspiration of the day

William Carlson

Back to the Basics.

T-Shirt Bodysuit by Unknown and High-Waist Jeans by American Apparel

Eighteenth Year.

I turned eighteen last week. I feel as though I've been turning eighteen for the past four years now and I'm so incredibly happy that the day finally arrived. I was lucky to spend a majority of my day with all of my wonderful co-workers who threw me a surprise party with lots of love and treats. I'm looking forward to what will come in the future. Anyways, I'm back!

 - Raphael

Inspiration of the day

1980 Calvin Klein Jeans Commercial 

Last Night

Demi is wearing vintage eyewear & a chemise from American Apparel

I spent last night getting reacquainted with the seventeen year old inside of me. I listened to early 2000's love songs, went to outer space, ate a crunch wrap supreme from Taco Bell, took a few photographs, and loitered along a hillside. It was all I needed.


The inbetween

Crop top & briefs by American Apparel

Finally getting settled back into the valley from my three week staycation in Downtown Los Angeles.

Inspiration of the day

Beach Day

Photography by Taghrid
Short Sleeve Button-Up & Swimsuit by American Apparel

I ended up working on location last Friday and got these amazing shots. I can never see myself working in a nine to five sort of situation, so dull. I think that's the best part of my job, it has a perfect blend of chaos and routine.


Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Photography by Taghrid

Fisherman Sweater & Shorts by American Apparel

Sunday Brunch

Pullover, Button-Up, & Belt by American Apparel, Pleated Pants by Ralph Lauren, Wristwatch by Casio, Loafers - Vintage

Even though my cold has been progressively getting worse I've had quite a busy/enjoyable weekend so far. Here's hoping to a successful week!


A Quiet Moment

Blazer - Vintage, Oxford Button-Up by American Apparel, Jeans by American Apparel, Dance Shoes by American Apparel, Watch - Casio

Back to the Basics

Denim-Button-Up, Thermochromatic T-shirt, Jeans, Bag, & Belt by American Apparel

Had a very relaxing Sunday doing absolutely nothing.


Sand Dunes

Cap, Hoody, Jeans & Towel by American Apparel

Lunch Break

Long Sleeve Denim Button-Up Shirt, Tennis Polo, Seersucker Short, & Belt by American Apparel, Watch by Casio

One of the most beautiful restaurants in Downtown Los Angeles, in my opinion.


Motel Hotel

Photography by Erez
Sweater by Eddie Bauer, Denim Button-Up, Jeans, & Socks by American Apparel, Watch by Casio

I love the feeling of being in a hotel. Each one is so similar yet so different.