I'm back!

Fisherman Sweater by American Apparel, Welt Pocket Short by American Apparel 

I haven't been updating as much as i've wanted to because of my lack of time/energy but here's a quick photo of me when I went on a walk with a friend at the park by my house.


all camel everythin'

Everything by American Apparel.

Inspiration of the day

Lazy Sunday

Barn Jacket by Ralph Lauren, Flannel by Vintage, Power Washed T-shirt by American Apparel, Welt Pocket Pant by American Apparel

Rainy Monday

Trench Coat by Shades of Greige, Cable Knit Sweater by Vintage, Pique Tennis Shirt by American Apparel, Twill Welt Pocket Pant by American Apparel

Inspiration of the Day

Rory Torrens photographed by Nicholas Riley-Bentham

Wallpaper Magazine: April '11

Photography by Ronald Stoops & featuring Julien Sabauld

Inspiration of the Day

I want to reconcile the violence in your heart

Spotted: American Apparel AD

Friday, Friday, Friday!

 Vertical Stripe Shirt, Canvas Pant, Jute Belt, & Suede Shoes by American Apparel

Spring Cleaning

I've spent the last hour and a half cleaning my extremely unorganized iPhoto and I discovered this old gem that I took a while ago..thought that you would all like it! 

Vogue Hommes International S/S '11

must have, must have, must have!

Style of the Streets

Inspiration of the Day

Getting dressed with Raphael.

Turtleneck by Alfani, Quilted Barn Jacket by Ralph Lauren, Canvas Trousers by American Apparel, L Alfani eather Carry-All by American Apparel

I thought that it was going to be much chillier today therefore I wore a very heavy outfit but about an hour after I got into work it got very warm and I definitely needed to change. Luckily I work in a closet!

Vee, Dani.

I took some photos of one of my closest friends about two weeks ago and I finally got around to sorting them so I thought that I would share a few of them with you. What do you think?

Hot Hot Heat.

I have been so over the weather lately. Definitely ready for shorts, tennis shirts, sandals, beaches, & the smell of sunscreen.