Rainy Tuesday

Trenchcoat by Shades of Greige, Sweater, Shoes, & Belt by American Apparel, Button-Up by Dior, Bag by Cambridge Satchel Company


  1. you wore these dance shoes in suede camel. they were in the coming soon section of the shop website but never released and dissapeared.

    you said they were come out soon, can you give me some information when it is going to be?
    i need new summer shoes and i wanted the dance shoes in black and suede.

    answer is highly appreciated!!!

  2. Hi Edgar,

    I'm not sure when the suede dance shoe will be released but you should definitely invest in a pair of the black patent dance shoe along with the patent/suede reversible belt, looks great together! In addition, the unisex tennis shoe will be released this summer which will be the perfect classic-ly casual shoe!